gathering to cultivate collective healing and awakening

Relevant, resonant, real-time support for your daily sacred practices.

About us

Take a big inhale and arrive into this unique moment. NOW. 

Release a full exhale and allow yourself to be in this body, feeling this breath. HERE.

Welcome to Nowhere Village!

We are a collective dedicated to meditation, self-inquiry, and other related spiritual practices. We believe that attending to these practices with regularity and sincerity is essential for living a life of health, wisdom and peace.

Though we come from various backgrounds, hold different worldviews, and engage in different versions of these practices, we all agree to gather now + here for two basic principles that we see as the common basis for all authentic spiritual lineages: 

Love and Truth.

Free members can join us for live practice sessions via Zoom. And will find regularly updated guided meditations, yoga classes, self-inquiry prompts, enlightenment teachings, playlists, and more throughout the year. 

The paid courses are a wonderful opportunity to gain deeper understanding of certain enlightenment teachings, and greater mastery over certain spiritual practices. The Course happens in a closed space, just for you and a small community of fellow practitioners. Aaron skillfully and lovingly guides a journey where some degree of authentic insight and lasting, positive transformation become inevitable.

I'm Aaron. I am the main facilitator and moderator here. I've been teaching meditation, enlightenment philosophy, self-inquiry and energy healing practices for about a decade now. If what you've read here resonates come on in and introduce yourself and I'll help you get oriented.

I hope that you receive many benefits from the offerings you discover here. I know that this community is sure to be enriched by whatever offerings you bring with you.